HAG Hanseatic Audit GmbH

Arndtstraße 16
22085 Hamburg

Tel. 040 / 80 79 79 80
Fax 040 / 80 79 79 88


Our Range of Services

Our range of services encompass following areas:

  • voluntary and statutory audits of annual financial statements
  • auditing of consolidated financial statements
  • EV calculations
  • due-diligence reviews
  • auditing of Risk-, ICS and compliance management systems
  • embezzlement audits
  • special audits (e.g. incorporation and conversion audits, broker and building investor ordinance, "Grüner Punkt")

Increasingly complex, short-lived technologies, markets in a state of flux, economic determinants and ongoing globalization are triggering major changes in your business and risk environment. Our approach to auditing and accounting is based on a business-oriented approach to our clients' activities. We are committed to living up to your expectations of efficient and effective auditing which reinforces your enterprise's internal controls and the reliability of your financial data against the backdrop of increasingly complex market and risk environments.

Modern accounting software helps to ensure swift and uncomplicated execution of the auditing engagements. As a result, you gain the results of the audits immediately. On top of this, we are already able to discuss possible optimization potential during the auditing process and speed up the sales forecasts.

Our company has successfully participated at external quality checks in line with Section 57 WPO (Peer Review).